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Coming back from the 5th Apotelesma Conference

October 22, 2012


The annual meeting of Italian traditional astrology students  for Apotelesma Conference in Genoa is already an established tradition, an opportunity to do good astrology, and meet new and old friends from Italy and Europe: between the rest Wolfgang Tomsits, an Austrian astrologer arrived in Genoa with Kolev two latest books which we envied very much [...]

About tailed stars and other stories: coming back from Apotelesma congress

October 31, 2011


Traditional astrology is alive and kicking in Italy too, and the evidence is the yearly meeting of Apotelesma congress, organized by its President and our friend Lucia Bellizia. Under an almost summer sun - very strange for Halloween’s eve - but we had the traditional pumpkin and candles together with  six lectures, which put together [...]

Stars of Florence

June 7, 2011


As every year,  this year too I attended the meeting of Cieloeterra group because I’m strongly persuaded this event is a great opportunity to learn many new things , and as usually I was not  disappointed. Moreover by change the hotel was in front the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, one of the oldest of [...]

Coming back from Apotelesma Traditional Congress

October 19, 2010


The gentle author of this blog is just arrived from Genoa, one of the four Maritime Republics of the Middle Ages, well known for being the birth place of Cristoforo Colombo, well known for being the discovery of America.

About Giuseppe Bezza, starred images, scorpions and much more

May 25, 2009


Yesterday morning at 6.30 Giancarlo Ufficiale Fabrizio Corrias and me left Rome for Milan:  there we met Patrizia Nava and Lucia Bellizia. Our astrological destination, Giuseppe Bezza’s lecture about Centiloquium and much more.

The illustrated astrological congress in Perugia

March 9, 2009


The gentle author of this blog has just arrived from Perugia, where she peregrined - she was obliged to wake up to 5 AM to arrive in time - for the Congress organized by Nunzia Coppola Meskalila, with Deborah Houlding as special guest