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Costa Concordia Captain Schettino birth chart

February 14, 2012


Thanks to two excellent astrologers and friend of mine, Grazia Bordoni and Tommaso Crisci, who  discovered the birth time (from birth certificate) we can give a look to Captain Schettino  - the (un)famous  captain who led to disaster the ship Costa Concordia, while was showing his guests Giglio Island and his skills with a near-shore [...]

The Concordia shipwreck

January 15, 2012


Last Friday the cruise ship Costa Concordia, a luxury ship and the largest built in Italy had a fatal shipwreck in front of Giglio island, few hours from departure. At the moment there are at least 3 victims and around 60 are lost at the sea. In the last hours three people are being rescued [...]

Dorotheus on ships: the Concordia departure

January 14, 2012


I have received and happily publish from Marco Fumagalli, math mind (and more) of Cieloeterra the following article about Costa Concordia and the astonishing lines from Dorotheus: